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Curriculum Vitae

Name                                                                    : SherBahadurDeuba
Date of Birth                                                      : 13th June 1946
Sex                                                                         : Male
Social Status                                                       : Married, one son
Place of Birth                                                     : Ruwakhola, Asigram 5, Dadeldhura, Mahakali Zone, Nepal.
Address                                               : Chappali, BhadrakaliVDC, Budhanilakantha, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone (Resident)            : (977-1) 4375376/4374237, Fax: (977-1) 4377307
                Email                     :
             (Office)                   : (977-1) 5183363/5183264/5183265  Fax: (977-1) 5183266

·         Research Fellow in Political Science at the London School of Economics 1998-89
·         Master in Arts, Political Science (Humanities) from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Tribhuvan University
·         Bachelors in Arts (Humanities) from Trivhuvan University
Political Carrer
2016 March 7 to current                : Elected President of Nepali Congress Party
2008 June to 2012                            : Vice President, Socialist International
2006 May to Sep.                             : Unanimously Re-elected President of Nepali Congress (Democratic)
2006 May to Sep. 2007                   : Leader of the Parliamentary Committee of the Part
2004 June to 2005 Feb.                  : Prime Minister of Nepal
2001 Aug. to 2002 Oct.                   : Prime Minister of Nepal
2002 Sept. to 2006 Jan.                  : President, Nepali Congress (Democratic)
1999 Dec. to 2000 Oct.                    : Head of the high Level Recommendation Committee for the Resolution of Maoist Problem.
1999 Apr. to 2002 July                     :Re-elected Member of Parliament with highest number and margin of votes. Member of Parliament and elected member of the Central Working Committee of the Nepali Congress Party.
1997 Mar. to 1998                            : Remained Member of Parliament and elected member of Central Working Committee of Nepali Congress Party
1995 Sep. to 1997 Mar.                  : Prime Minister
1994 Nov. to 1995 Sept.                 : Elected Member of Parliament on a Nepali Congress Parliamentary Committee and Leader of Mail Opposition Party.
1991 to 1994 Nov.                            : Elected Member of Parliament on a Nepali Congress ticket from Dadeldhura District of Far-West Nepal.
1991 Dec. to 1994 Sept.                 : Minister for Home Affairs of Nepali Congress Government.
1991                                                       : Political in Charge, Far-Western Region, Nepali Congress
1990                                                       : Actively participated in the Popular Movement for Restoration of Democracy in Nepal in Western Countries during the 1990 Movement.
1982 to 1998                                       : Convener, Political Consultative Committee, Nepali Congress.
1985                                                       : Played a leading role in the Civil Disobedient
1980                                                       : Active in promoting multi-party Democracy in Nepal during the National Referendu.
1971 to 1980                                       : Founder member and President of the Nepal Students Union.
1966 to 2005                                       : Imprisoned for political beliefs for a period of ten years (at different points of time)
1965 to 1968                                       : Chairman, Far-Western Students Committee, Kathmandu.
Countries Visited                            :  United Kingdom, United States of America, Bhutan, Maldives, India, China, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Germany, France, Norway, Colombia, Sweden, Belgium, Qatar, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea and Greece

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