Thursday 30 April 2015

Pakistan clerifies the rumor of India Media

Embassy of Pakistan




Press Release


          A section of the media has been wrongly propagating that some relief items (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) sent by Pakistan to Nepal contain cow meat. This is out-rightly untrue, as the facts are different.


          Pakistan is fully aware of sensitivities of our Hindu brethren in Nepal, who are passing through a very difficult time. While we stand by our Nepali brothers and sisters, we in Pakistan respect all religions and can never imagine showing disrespect towards their beliefs and values.


          Pakistan was one of the first countries in the world to respond to the earthquake disaster in Nepal and immediately transported relief and medical assistance to the country. Our assistance contains food bags on which the contents have been clearly mentioned. In each food bag there are 22 small packs which contain a variety of food, which may be consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The beef used in food is that of the buffalo and not cow. Moreover, any one preferring not to eat meat may set aside the food pack.

Authorities in Nepal understand the position of Pakistan and have strongly appreciated the assistance being rendered to our Nepali brothers and sisters. Pakistan would continue to stand by Nepal in this hour of need and would continue to focus on providing whatever assistance is required.




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